Tibidabo sits on the hills of the Collserola National Park to the north of Barcelona. A great area on the doorstep of Barcelona, for road cycling, mountain biking, trail running and hiking. Tibidabo has a height of 512 meters and is the largest peak in the national park.

When at the top you have incredible views of Barcelona City, Mediterranean and on a clear day you’ll see Montseny National Park, Mola and Montserrat Mountain in the distance.

There is lots of route to consider when hiking to the top of Tibidabo and also an option to take the funicular to the top and walk back down. However; we decided to do the route below, which was a total of 9km with 707m elevation gain and would would form a loop ascending from the right and finishing with one of favourite trails the Camino de las Aguas. This trail runs parallel to Barcelona and a great hike in itself, to follow the path along and admire the views of the city. If you’re also a keen runner, it’s a great dirt road, for an early morning or sunset run. Would highly recommend.

We started the hike by taking the underground to Penitents Station and walking North, passed the Funicular del Tibidabo and along Carrettera de les Aguas, until you reach Parking Aigues. If you have a moped or car, it’s also a good spot to park.

The hike to the top of Tibidabo will take approximately 1 hr, where the vast majority of the trail will be through the canopy of the forest, perfect for Barcelonas hot summer days.

Once at the top you’ll find one of Europes oldest amusement park and a famous Roman Catholic Church called Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, sitting at the summit of Tibidabo. The church sits prominently above Barcelona and can be seen from the distance, both from the city and further into the countryside. In addition adjacent to the church you’ll see Torre de Collserola, which is a communication tower that was built in 1991 for the 1992 Olympic Games.

On route back down you’ll follow the trail back down the other side of Tibidabo, into the canopy of the trees. Follow down the Stairs of the Font del Mont, until it opens up to the Carretera de les Aigües, my favourite part of the hike.

On route to the top of Tibidabo

On route to the top of Tibidabo

At the top of Tibidabo

At the top of Tibidabo

The Carretera de les Aigües is my favourite trail in Barcelona and is the locals favourite for cycling and walking, with it’s magnificent views of the city. The trail is nearly 10km in total and is a walk in itself if you’d prefer something more gentle. Named after the water pipes that used to run along the side of the path.

Of course every hike and especially in the heat of Barcelona, you might be looking for a much needed swig of beer of glass of wine to finish a days hiking. Once we walked back along the trail to the end, we had the option to either take the underground back home from Penitents Station or to walk down to the beautiful area of Gracia, which has lots of nice bars and restaurants. Of course we decided on beer and wine and walked a bit further into the centre of Gracia. The square of Plaça de la Virreina is a great location to finish the day with a beer of glass of wine. Really nice atmosphere, where you’ll find a great atmosphere with people in the various bars and also sat down in the middle of the square, chatting and enjoying the evening. Would definitely recommend.

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