My best hiking routes near Barcelona

Throughout Barcelona, Catalonia we’re very lucky to have a vast amount of mountains in close proximity, including the Eastern Mid-Pyrenees of Alta Garrotxa, Pre-Pyrenees of the Cadi-Moxiero Natural Park, Serra de Montsant Natural Park to the West, Montseny National Park and the infamous Montserrat Mountain, to name a few.

Below have listed my top hiking routes near Barcelona:

  1. Montseny National Park

Montseny Natural Park is one of the largest mountain ranges closest to Barcelona and you can enjoy an abundance of some of the best walking & hiking trails near Barcelona, away from busy touristy areas.

You’ll find the vast majority of tourists will head to Montserrat for a hike, which is definitely beautiful but a go to mountain for tourists and can be busy at weekends. Montseny is always quiet and you can sometimes not see anyone for the whole day hiking, completely immersing yourself in nature.

From the Arc de Triomf Train station in Barcelona you take the R3 line towards Vic where you get off at Figaro-Montmany, which is approximately 50min north from Barcelona.

There’s various routes on offer from Figaro for all levels of fitness, but there’s a 12km loop that leads you to Tagamanent Hill and back down a beautiful ridge, with incredible views.

Throughout the hike you’ll visit some of the mountains most historic areas including Ermita Santa Maria de Tagamanent, which is a church located on the top of Tagamanent hill.

La Masia El Bellver, a local restaurant on the hill for a drink, something to eat and rest.

Col Can Creu, Coll St Marti.


2. Montsant Natural Park, Siurana

Sitting north of Tarragona it is approximately 1hr 45min drive from Barcelona towards the West and is a go to place for hikers and climbers.

We visited Siurana in April and slept in the camper next to the small village of Siurana. Was blown away by its beauty and the star gazing in the evening was incredible.

Siurana is small medieval village located on a cliff, where you’ll find parking and also a great refuge, if you wanted to come for the weekend. It’s called Refugio Ciriac Bonet and is situated in an idyllic location, serving food and drinks. There’s an great terrace sitting on the edge of a cliff, where the sunset is incredible and is perfect to finish the hike.

The hike we followed was called “Camí de la Trona” and is famous for hiking and you’ll find lots of climbers throughout to watch.

We started the route from Pantá de Siurana, following a river which lead us to 3 turquoise pools called Toll de la Palla, then we head up to “La Trona”, until we reached the small medieval town called Siurana. The pools were cold but perfect in the heat of the sun.

After a quick bocata with Ham & Cheese, we head back to the Siurana Reservoir (L’embassament de Siurana). It was a loop route, 13Km in total and 400mts elevation gain.


3. Sant Aniol d’Aguja, sadernes, Alta Garrotxa

The Turquoise pools and Waterfall of Sant Aniol is the perfect hike to do with friends or family for a great day out.

The route starts next to the hostel in Sadernes ( where it’s possible to sleep or in the campsite next door. Before entering Sadernes you’ll pass the medieval bridge of Valenti, crest beautifully over the gorge until you arrive in Sadernes, with parking available 100m past the hostel.

The Path of Valencians, follows the river for approximately 7km, where you’ll find stunning pools to swim and cool off, until you reach the chapel of Sant Aniol. The main waterfall sits 5 min walk past Sant Aniol and although a long hike, would definitely recommend. It’s also possible to shorten the hike and stop in many of the pools on route if you wanted.


4. Camino de ronda, costa brava

The Camino De Ronda is a 136 mile trail that starts from Blanes in Spain and finishes in the city of Collioure in France. It follows the coast where you’ll discover hidden turquoise coves, to swim and cool off. It is infamous for hikers around the world.

Would recommend a hike where you start from Cala de Castell, which is next to the town of Palamos and follow the coastline towards the Botanical Gardens of Cap Roig and the stunning small fishing village of Calella de Palafrugell. The hike will take around 2-4 hours and is approximately a 8km loop.

The hike starts and finishes on the Wild Beach of Castell which is in the Cap Roig National Park. From here towards the Botanical Gardens of Cap Roig, you’ll find crystal clear coves including Cala Roca Bona and Cala Estreta to name a few. In addition you’ll discover ruins of Iberian settlements on the hills behind, Old Catalan Farmhouses and a small known paint studio of Salvador Dali.


5. Mont-rebei gorge

This is one of favourite hikes in Catalonia, an amazing experience that combines hiking, swimming and canoeing as options, if you want. Although nearly 3 hours drive from Barcelona you wont be disappointed, is definitely worth the trip.

The gorge is situated on the border of Catalonia and Aragon, and follows the Noguera Ribacorcana River, where you’ll discover dug out trails and laddered stairs on cliff in excess of 500m in areas.

Would recommend you start the hike from a parking area called Moll de Corca and we used a company called Ager Aventura, where they give you a ride over the lake to start the hike. There’s lots of options to consider but we decided to firstly hike along the gorge, which is approximately 10km and we returned in the canoe, which was 7km. Would actually recommend you do the canoe first, because we had a reasonable head wind on the return and was a bit wet. Was happy nevertheless, but something to consider, if you have kids or would rather a more pleasant canoe. For more detail, please check out my blog on my more detail of the hike.


If you’d like to organise a private hiking trip with Work Colleagues, Friends or Family, to one of the locations above, then please get in touch and we’ll be able to bespoke a trip to your needs.

Also please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information on the hiking trips above.