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Montserrat Mountain is one of our most popular hiking routes, due to it’s close proximity to Barcelona, it has some of the best views of Catalonia.

Our walking & hiking tours start from Placa d’Espanya train station where we take the R5 line towards Manresa and get off the train in the small down of Monistrol de Montserrat, at the base of the mountain, where we begin the 19km loop to the top and back of Sant Jeroni at 1237m.

Leaving the station with Montserrat in front, we’ll turn right down the hill and stop at a great little cafe called Bar Peret for a quick coffee and croissant.

From here we cross the bridge and through the under pass tunnel, and join onto a path called Pas de la Canaleta, where it’ll bring you out into a small square. There you’ll find a town hall and also a great hikers bar, Bar la Roca, where we’ll finish the day with a beer.

Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey

The first part of the Walk takes approximately 1hr 30min to the Monastery, where we have views of the Santa Cova Chapel, Sant Miguel Cross above and some breathtaking views down the valley.

At the Monastery we’ll take the direct route up behind through the gulley. The trail from the Monastery leads us to some leg burning stairs at the beginning, where we begin the 1hr 45min stage to the top. The first part has lots of stairs but it eventually becomes flatter throughout the middle section, until we reach close to the top.

At the top the views are breathtaking and during the week you might be the only person there on off peak months.

When descending we take another route that loops around the side of the mountain passing the Sant Joan funicular, Sant Miguel Chapel and Sant Miguel cross, where you’ll have stunning views for a great pic of the Monastery.

Hiking Barcelona
Montserrat Mountain

Once walking through the square, up the stone stairs and walking down the road for approximately 30m, you’ll find a trail on the right hand side. Walk up the trail and you’ll open up to the picture below. Here you’ll have two options. First option to the left is slightly longer but has a gentler gradient for the first few km, although you’ll have to face some steep steps towards the end. The other trail to the right, is shorter but steeper and more direct. You tend to get better views in my opinion with the longer trail to the left and can be a good starter to get warmed up.

Walking & Hiking Montserrat Mountain
Sant Jeroni Montserrat Mountain
Walking Barcelona

Once back at the Monastery and had a walk around inside the chapel, we’ll descend back to the square in Monistrol de Montserrat and have a well earned beer at the local bar, before catching the last train home to Barcelona.

Montserrat Mountain has lot’s of different trails and you can adjust the hike to suit your fitness levels.

If you’re keen to join us, we run weekly hiking tours from Barcelona and you’re more than welcome to come.