Fitness in East London


Fitness in East London


Training in East London is all about getting the body moving. Swimming in the London fields Lido, running along the canal to Victoria Park, cycling the Velo Park at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, hitting the gym or doing strength training. 

You should get active and vary your training throughout the week, for life, and is lucky enough to work at some of East London's most exclusive studios. 

I'm a cycle instructor at Shoreditch House, a private members club in East London and have been trained by one of New York’s fasting growing indoor cycling company Flywheel. This has given me extensive knowledge and experience, to fully understand how to get the best out of your body whilst enjoying the whole fitness experience. 

We've since developed our own cycling method called HouseRide, which is available at Shoreditch House, The Ned and the Barcelona House. 

In addition to the above I teach at the amazing Ethos in Spitalfields Market, where we use Watt Bikes, to offer a more performance based class. These classes are suited to Triathletes and Road cyclists, wanting to improve their performance for large races . The classes are fun, which is integral into your training – hand in hand this approach gets results. No gimmicks, following trends or quick yo yo diet fixes. The training methods at Ethos, come from researched training methods, which can be done by all fitness levels. 




How often should you eat?

A Really good article you should read from 7 Health discussing how often you should eat and the impact, varying eating patterns can have on your body. 

Yo-yo diets, busy work schedule,  lifestyle and cravings can be a huge issue when you're wanting to reach your goals. 

Please have a look at this article from 7 Health and let me know your thoughts. 



Spring Promotion on Group and Personal Training for your Business


Spring Promotion on Group and Personal Training for your Business

Until the end of April we’re offering free introductory Personal Training and Group Training Sessions at lunchtimes for businesses all over London.

In your local park, office car park or gym. We’ll come to you.

Jamie Kerr is a Fitness and Health professional based in Shoreditch and operating through-out London. A keen sportsman himself, he understands the core necessity and mechanics of fitness. He believes that functional training, clean nutrition and positive mindset are the tools you need.

Jamie, formally a Paratrooper in the 4th Battalion Parachute regiment and currently teaches group fitness classes in London’s exclusive private members club Shoreditch House and also in London’s newest 1Rebel boutique fitness studio.

Services Include:

Group Training

Jamie runs tailored group sessions for businesses and groups throughout London:

  • Beach body.

  • Surfing Fitness.

  • Baby Bootcamp.

  • High Intensity Training.

  • Caveman Training.

  • Body Conditioning.

  • Army training.

     Price: £10 session.

Personal Training 

Private, personalized, professional. Jamie's sessions are all about his client. He sets your goals making them realistic and achievable. Together with each client, he tackles weight loss, flexibility, core strength, muscle gain, beach fitness and more.

2014/15 Rates Indoor & Outdoor

Per 1hr session: £65

Block of 10x sessions: £650 (Plus 1 free)

2:1 training block of 10x sessions: £800 (Plus 1 free)

Home training block of 10 x sessions: £75






Beach Body High Intensity Conditioning Session


Beach Body High Intensity Conditioning Session

With the summer fast approaching have posted a great workout  for you all to do in the gym, that'll work the whole of your body and get you nice and lean for the summer.

Conditioning the body with multi-functional training, is what we pride ourselves in delivering to our clients throughout London.

Please check out Zoe Griffin, who is currently training for the London Marathon this summer and we've been putting her through her paces the past couple of weeks and will be, leading up to her marathon this summer. .

Also please check out the session below and don't hesitate to get in touch if you've got any questions regarding the exercises:

Full Body Workout Gym Based 

Each circuit is a 5 min round apart from cardio which is 10 min.  

It may be an idea when you’re first attempting this workout, is to do 3 x sets on each circuit with a 90sec rest in between sets. 


Push ups x 20

Dips x 10

Pull-ups overhand x 5

Skipping  x  50 reps. 


Burpee with medicine ball x 10

Dumbell clean and press x 10

Burpees with Dumbell x 10

Burpees x 10 


Use the bike, treadmill or rower. 30 secs hard,  30sec off for 10 min. 

4. Get a 10kg barbell plate.  

Squat with overhead press x 10. (Plate on top of your head). 

Tricep press x 10

Shoulder circles x 10 each way

Bicep curls x 10

Push outs x 10


Spidermans x 10 each knee

Spring ups x 10

Bicycles x 10 each knee

Hip thrusts x 10

Side thrusts x 10 each side




Winter time thoughts


Winter time thoughts

I love the winter. There's nothing better than training in the cold, crisp December air, knowing that you are keeping your body healthy through the winter months. Swimming in London Fields Lido is possible all year round and I like to mix up my training for clients as much as possible. It's the wrong time of the year though for Wild Swimming, which I did lots of over the summer of 2014. Want to read more about one of the swims I did? My friend Lucy took me exploring round the coastline of Wales and she tells the story of our adventure here.

That's what fitness and getting active is all about.